weVolunteer supports organisations to re-engage with volunteers safely as Victoria recovers from the social and economic impacts of the coronavirus. weVolunteer can connect you with the support you need.

For volunteers, you can utilise an online portable credentialing solution known as the Volunteer Passport, powered by technology partner MyPass, that provides a platform for people looking for volunteer roles to register your credentials and be referred to organisations that have roles that meet your skills, interests, and availability.


If you want to help your community, you can register on weVolunteer to be a part of the Community Recovery Volunteer Pool. You can create your Volunteer Passport which verifies your credentials and lists your skills and experience. You will be notified about volunteer roles that match your Volunteer Passport profile. By applying for the Pool and Passport, you will be directed to technology partner MyPass to register.

Volunteer involving organisations

If you need volunteers to address an urgent need or because you have a shortage of volunteers, you can register on the weVolunteer platform and discuss your needs with the weVolunteer project team. You can be connected with a local Volunteer Support Organisation or upload volunteer roles to weVolunteer (powered by MyPass) to access a shortlist of motivated volunteers.

Volunteer support organisations

If you need to access motivated volunteers to address urgent needs, you can register with weVolunteer and upload your volunteer roles. You can also talk to the weVolunteer team about the local support services you offer.

What are the key features of weVolunteer?

weVolunteer has project team members to provide support and advice, as well as new technology solutions to address community recovery volunteering needs. The three new features are:

Volunteer passport

A new Volunteer Passport which is a portable credentialing record that will empower volunteers to build their own volunteering record, as well as reducing duplication and administration costs.

Volunteer pool

A new pool of volunteers, known as community recovery volunteers, who are motivated to respond quickly to urgent community need.

Local response

A place-based volunteering model which leverages the expertise and knowledge of Volunteer Support Organisations.

Ready to join Community Recovery volunteering in Victoria?