Supporting Victorian communities when they need it the most.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of local communities. When times are tough, people want to help their neighbours. When disaster strikes, local knowledge is key to recovery.

weVolunteer is a Community Recovery Volunteering initiative designed to support communities in times of need, bringing together volunteers, the organisations that involve volunteers in their work, and Volunteer Support Organisations that provide local solutions to volunteering and the communities that are enhanced through volunteer participation.

Volunteering in times of need strengthens community bonds, improving the mental health and wellbeing of everyone involved and improving community recovery and rebuilding.

weVolunteer is delivered by Volunteering Victoria, peak body for the volunteering movement in Victoria, and funded by the Victorian Government to help mobilise volunteers to assist with community recovery following the impact of COVID-19 and other emergencies.


Take the first step in joining the Community Recovery Volunteer pool and create your own Volunteer Passport. By joining weVolunteer, you will be part of a coordinated, safe and accessible effort to help the recovery of communities in times of need.
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Register and create your profile

You will be connected with technology partner MyPass to be registered. Create your volunteer profile using MyPass and select 'Volunteer' as your classification. Build your “volunteer passport” by adding your experience and qualifications

Your information shared securely

Your details are passed only to volunteer-involving organisations, volunteer support organisations or local government authorities that indicate they will provide you with a safe volunteering experience


Wait for an organisation to contact you when an opportunity becomes available

While you are waiting

Volunteers continue to be needed well after the initial impacts of a health or natural disaster, so you may not be contacted for many months. You will receive newsletters that include updates and training opportunities


Ensure volunteers are available to support your organisation during times of need. weVolunteer will match your volunteer roles with volunteers that share similar interests, skills and passions.
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Register your interest

Register your organisation by filling in the weVolunteer form. A member of the weVolunteer team will contact you to establish what support you need

Upload your volunteer role

Upload your community recovery volunteer role via MyPass. Consider what checks you will need for this role


weVolunteer will share your role with suitable volunteers


You will be able to engage with volunteers that apply for your role and we will continue to support you along the way