What is an emergency volunteer?

An emergency volunteer is a network of people ready to help their communities. An emergency volunteer is ready to support their community by sharing public health messages, connecting with others safely and helping provide basic supplies.

An emergency volunteer requires no specialist skills and are only called upon in an event of a crisis. Emergency volunteer roles are perfect for people who would naturally feel the urge to help during an emergency.

Why do we need emergency volunteers?

By signing to becoming an emergency volunteer, Volunteering Victoria can harness the peoples’ goodwill so in the event of an emergency, you can help your community in a way that is both coordinated and effective.

What would an emergency volunteer do?

Emergency volunteers play a vital role during an emergency. This may be particularly important right now. We are working with the Victorian Government to support the COVID-19 response in the best way possible.

As an emergency volunteer, you might be asked to help distribute food and supplies to those who cannot access it, support local communities to stay connected and assisting with practical tasks.

Who can become an emergency volunteer?

Anyone aged 18 or over and living in Victoria can become an emergency volunteer through weVolunteer. You should be physically and mentally fit enough to carry out tasks during an emergency.

What is weVolunteer?

weVolunteer is an online portal where people seeking volunteer roles during an emergency in Victoria can register their skills and credentials. Once a volunteer registers on weVolunteer (via MyPass), Volunteering Victoria will match volunteers with suitable roles that become available.

What is MyPass?

MyPass is an Australian-owned digital credentialing system, enabling Volunteers to own and control their personal and professional information in one, central location. By creating a free Worker Passport, Volunteers can have their qualifications verified and then share that information with any organisation they choose. This means no longer having to upload and share the same documents or information multiple times for multiple organisations.

Organisations whose volunteers choose to share their information will then get real-time access to their verified data, including expiry dates & compliance percentages.

MyPass is ISO27001 Certified for Information Security and currently supports workers and organisations across Volunteering, Health & Aged Care, Energy and Utilities. Learn more here.

Why is Volunteering Victoria using MyPass?

It is important to have volunteers ready to go once an opportunity arises during a crisis. MyPass is a credentialing system that enables us to gather your information that can be relevant for a role when it becomes available. MyPass helps you set up your volunteer profile and add details that can help us match you with roles.

What is the minimum commitment for registering as a weVolunteer participant?

There is none if you don’t wish to apply for any of the opportunities that are shared with you. If you did wish to apply to become an emergency volunteer, then the commitment will be outlined in that specific role application that you will be matched with.

How is my data managed on MyPass?

When registering for a MyPass Profile, the final step involves reading and agreeing to their Terms & Conditions / Privacy Statement. This section addresses the following:

  • Principle 1 – Collection & Principle 2 – Use and disclosure from the Victorian Privacy and Data Protection act 2014
  • Principle 3 – Openness is covered in our Privacy Collection Statement on our website

As MyPass is an Australian Registered Company (MyPass Australia Pty Ltd ABN 72 620 029 147, it is bound by all Federal and State based regulations regarding privacy and information protection.

MyPass is hosted by Amazon Web Services and data is stored in AWS Sydney, not overseas. MyPass underwent the process of becoming ISO27001 Certified in Information Security, one of the highest levels of information security recognition that can be attained in Australia with under 200 companies holding this accreditation.

More information:

Why can’t I find any roles on weVolunteer/MyPass?

The primary purpose of the weVolunteer project is to connect willing Victorians with volunteer organisations who are trying to support the community during these times.

For the Covid-19 response, we’re working closely with local authorities, Government and other organisations to find out where your help is needed.

As you share your information with us, simultaneously organisations are also applying to have specific roles advertised. These roles may vary from making well-being check phone calls, household maintenance, delivering supplies, essential transportation and a range of other services.

Once we have roles prepared, we will share the application links with the pool of volunteers, so you can decide if you want to apply to these roles or not.

How do I sign up?

Becoming an emergency volunteer is quick and easy. Register your interest on the weVolunteer website.

I have registered on weVolunteer (via MyPass) but have not heard anything in a while. What does this mean?

Once you’ve signed up, we will send you email updates on our progress with our coronavirus (COVID-19) response and information on how to keep your MyPass profile updated so that when your skills are needed, you are ready to go!

You will be contacted once a role become available in your local area (or otherwise, depending on restrictions at the time). There’s a huge amount of coordination required to mobilise emergency volunteers, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us. We are doing all we can to update volunteers on the needs in their local areas and ensure we deploy our volunteers safely, adhering to Government guidelines.

The COVID-19 crisis is something like we have never seen before and we recognise it’s taken some time to put in place a system that will allow volunteers to access roles more easily. Ensuring we are providing safe volunteer roles that adhere to Government guidelines and helping those who need us the most is of utmost importance.

How will my safety be ensured whilst fulfilling volunteer responsibilities? E.g. COVID-safe

It is the volunteering involving organisation’s responsibility to comply with Government regulation around creating a COVID-safe environment for volunteers. Please refer to our guide for more information.