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If you are interested in volunteering with your local community, please see the Volunteering Victoria website below for guidance on getting started.

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Ready to support Community Recovery volunteering in Victoria?

Be part of a coordinated, safe and accessible effort to support local communities doing it tough. weVolunteer is designed to help mobilise volunteers to assist with community recovery following the impact of COVID-19 and other emergencies.


If you want to help your community, you can register on weVolunteer to be a part of the Community Recovery Volunteer Pool. This involves creating your Volunteer Passport, which verifies your credentials and lists your skills and experience. Once registered, you will be notified about volunteer roles in your area.

Volunteer Involving Organisations

If you require volunteers to address an urgent need in your community, you can register to weVolunteer and discuss your needs with the weVolunteer program team. Once accepted, you can upload volunteer roles to access a pool of motivated volunteers.


By joining weVolunteer, you will be part of a coordinated, safe and accessible effort to help the recovery of communities in times of need.

Anyone can become a community recovery volunteer – no specialist skills are required. You just have to meet the following criteria:

I am 18 years or above
I am a Victorian resident

Register your interest to volunteer – it only takes a few minutes!


Register and create your profile

You will be connected with technology partner MyPass to register and create your Volunteer Passport. Add your experience and qualifications to help connect you with suitable roles.

Your information shared securely

You choose which organisations can access your details, all of whom have been approved to ensure they can provide you with a safe volunteering experience.


Wait for a suitable volunteer opportunity to become available.

Be patient

Volunteers continue to be needed well after the initial impacts of a health or natural disaster, so you may not be needed right away. Keep an eye out for our newsletters that include updates and training opportunities.


Ensure volunteers are available to support your organisation during times of need. weVolunteer will match your volunteer roles with volunteers that share similar interests, skills and passions.

To be eligible to register with weVolunteer, organisations must meet the following minimum criteria:

Be a not-for-profit, government or for-purpose organisation
Hold and provide a copy of valid volunteer insurance
Require volunteers for an urgent or important community need

Register your organisation with weVolunteer via the form below – it only takes a few minutes!


Register your interest

Provide your organisation's details via the weVolunteer registration form.

Upload your volunteer role

Upload your community recovery volunteer role via MyPass. Consider what checks you will need for this role.


weVolunteer will share your role with our pool of registered volunteers.


You will be able to engage with volunteers that apply for your role and we will continue to support you along the way.

Need help?

The weVolunteer team is available to answer any questions or help support you getting started.

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