Building community resilience when it's needed most.

Following emergencies such as the pandemic and natural disasters, communities can take years to recover and volunteers are involved in much of that community-based work.

weVolunteer is a Volunteering Victoria initiative designed to bring together volunteers and local community organisations to help communities recover in times of need.

What is weVolunteer?

weVolunteer is delivered by Volunteering Victoria, peak body for the volunteering movement in Victoria, and funded by the Victorian Government to help mobilise volunteers to assist with community recovery following the impact of COVID-19 and other emergencies.

weVolunteer also supports organisations to re-engage with volunteers safely as Victoria recovers from the social and economic impacts of COVID-19.

If your organisation is involved in community recovery, weVolunteer can help connect you with the support you need.

How does it work?

By keeping focused on a volunteer-centred and community-directed approach to community resilience, the project’s unique point of difference is the utilisation of four key tools.


A new pool of volunteers, known as Community Recovery Volunteers, motivated to respond quickly to urgent community needs.


Training and resources to equip and prepare community recovery volunteers, including delivery of tailored programs led by
Volunteer Support Organisations.


A new Volunteer Passport which is a portable credentialing record that will empower volunteers to build their volunteering record.


A place-based volunteering model which leverages the expertise and knowledge of Volunteer Support Organisations.

weVolunteer is free for everyone to use. 

It is free for volunteers to register and create their volunteer passport, including having their certificates credentialed.

It is also free for organisations to utilise the platform and promote volunteer opportunities so that they can source community recovery volunteers.

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