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By helping out during times of need or following an emergency, volunteers make a real difference in our communities. Volunteers recognise the contribution they make and the vital role they play in the response to any crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

See below some examples of weVolunteer and our dedicated community recovery volunteers in action.



Vicroads proudly supports the TAC L2P Program, funded by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and delivered in local communities across Victoria. Young learners aged between 16 and 21 years of age are matched with fully licensed volunteer mentors, who help them develop skills to become safe and confident drivers.

For many, L2P is the only option for getting on the road to independence and freedom. The mentoring initiative is aimed at ensuring all eligible young people, regardless of their personal circumstances, have the opportunity to gain the supervised driving experience required for obtaining a probationary license.

The program is run across Victoria by various community agencies and made possible by a dedicated group of volunteer mentors. Luke Donovan, Vicroads Partnerships Officer, says the value and importance of volunteers to the L2P program doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Our volunteers are the life blood of the program and our young people are forever grateful for the assistance they provide.”

Like many community programs, the L2P Program was heavily impacted by COVID-19, particularly through multiple lockdowns and the significant loss of volunteers. Likewise, many of the young people involved in the program also suffered the effects of the crisis, particularly those lacking strong support networks in their personal lives.

Once circumstances allowed, the L2P team wanted to ensure the program resumed strongly in 2021 and focused on quickly rebuilding a network of volunteer mentors.

After hearing of weVolunteer through a colleague in the community services sector, Luke jumped at the chance to get Vicroads involved. Upon creating their own MyPass portal and uploading their roles, Vicroads were able to quickly fill their vacant volunteer roles, enabling their program to get up and running again to meet the community need. As one of the early adopters of weVolunteer, they have since placed 55 new volunteers into L2P programs across Victoria.

“weVolunteer has been great so far. It has simplified the task of connecting with new volunteers and opened the door to L2P as a new volunteering experience for people across Victoria.”

By facilitating a rapid community response, weVolunteer can help connect organisations in need with volunteers passionate about making a real difference in their community. For Vicroads and the L2P Program, this has meant “getting young people back on the road as quickly as possible and moving towards their dreams.”

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Muslim Women’s Council of Victoria

Muslim Women’s Council of Victoria (MWCV) is a not-for-profit organisation initially formed by Muslim Women to meet the challenges faced by multicultural community living, working and integrating into the broader community in a way that honours their cultural heritage while simultaneously enriching the broader Australian community.

During Covid-19 MWCV started the Friday Free meals initiative. As part of this initiative, our organisation provided around 300 to 450 free Halal cooked hot meals a week and grocery packs. Our volunteers perform their duties in Friday Free meals kitchens with all their dedication and hard work. These duties include, but are not limited to, cooking meals, assisting with cooking in kitchen, dishwashing and delivering food to those in need.

We urgently needed delivery drivers for the Friday Free meals kitchen, to deliver food in different areas. We needed volunteers urgently, therefore we contacted weVolunteer to find volunteers. Within less than 24 hours, they found two very dedicated delivery drivers for us. Both the volunteers have been an inseparable part of our organisation since and have made significant contribution to the work we do.

We heard of weVolunteer from Moreland food relief network one. We heard about their reliability and professionalism and decided to find our volunteers through them. MWCV has also applied for a office admiration, I am sure they will be able to help us with our request. We are extremely pleased with their services and will surely love to go back to them in future when we need more volunteers for our future projects.

“Volunteering for MWCV has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Experiencing the kindness and passion to make a difference in people’s lives and that warmth in the Friday Free meals kitchen full of people from different cultures, was touching and inspiring. MWCV is no less than a family where people bonded even more in time of crisis.” - Iqbal Bhatti, Volunteer with MWCV.

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Jennifer's story

weVolunteer is thrilled to have placed the first volunteer with an organisation in Victoria’s new volunteer credentialing and matching portal.

Since the launch of the weVolunteer initiative in August 2020, more than 1,500 Victorians have registered their interest by creating a volunteer profile. These profiles, complete with essential information such as certifications, are being used to apply for volunteer roles directly through weVolunteer. Charities and organisations looking to support Victorians during the coronavirus have advertised roles on weVolunteer, including Vicroads, VCC Emergencies Ministry & the Ballarat Foundation.

Jennifer Marshall, a Victorian resident, came across weVolunteer when searching for opportunities to volunteer in the City of Casey region. In the past, she has participated in a number of international aid experiences, as well as providing volunteer support on a local level through NGOs such as Samaritans Purse.

Throughout the Victorian lockdown due to COVID-19, Jennifer admitted she faced her own challenges with keeping a positive mindset.

“At the moment I have to be honest, I’ve struggled mentally myself and I know it’s better to give than receive, and that helping others can stop you from being so self-absorbed. I’m really lucky I work from home and that hasn’t changed so I’ve been really blessed in that, however I still needed to feel like I’m doing something.”

Like many Victorians, Jennifer has been unable to connect with social circles such as friends or her church group. She says this was a big reason why she was prompted to search for volunteer opportunities. After applying via weVolunteer and creating a volunteer profile, the VCC Emergencies Ministry shared an opportunity with Jennifer through weVolunteer that she couldn’t pass up.

“Your site (weVolunteer) was fantastic and before this I had no idea that the VCCEM even existed. I’ve done a bit of work with Samaritans Purse and this looks like a similar thing where they provide you all the training and for me it brought all of the pieces of the puzzle together. When I saw this opportunity it was really exciting, I’m really rapt that that’s what came up.”

Jennifer is now booked in to complete her Psychological First Aid training and is looking forward to engaging with the volunteer role and other like-minded people.

weVolunteer uses MyPass as its central registration and secure credential sharing database to engage community members across Victoria with volunteering opportunities.

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