Volunteer Passport

The key feature of weVolunteer is the Volunteer Passport (powered by MyPass), which provides a direct link between prospective volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations seeking support. 

As a volunteer, the Passport allows you to upload and manage your details and experience, including:

  • Your CV/resume
  • Certifications & qualifications
  • Emergency contacts
  • Language capabilities

You can then share your passport with multiple volunteering organisations at once, and quickly connect with those that match your skills and interests. 

It is FREE to register, including having your certificates and qualifications credentialed. 

Setting up your Volunteer Passport

About MyPass

weVolunteer is powered by technology partner MyPass, an award winning,  Australian-owned software platform and the first volunteer credentialing system of its kind in Australia.

This technology reduces time and effort spent manually managing volunteer applications, certifications and information. It exists to enhance other systems that an organisation might be using, acting as a trusted source of verified volunteer information. 

Verify Credentials

MyPass follows a 6-step verification process for all uploaded certifications. This means volunteer skills are pre-verified and organisations are instantly aware of any expiries or gaps in credentials (e.g. Police Checks, WWCC etc).

Recruitment & Onboarding

The Organisation Portal allows volunteering organisations to create roles for recruitment, manage applications and screen Passports to match volunteers with appropriate skills and interests.

Simplify Compliance Management

MyPass helps avoid the manual repetition of onboarding processes when volunteers engage with multiple organisations at the same time.

Why MyPass?


Enhances and connects with existing software systems to reduce duplication, rather than create more work. 


Ensures any personal information is secure and only stored within Australia. MyPass has some of the highest Information Security credentials.


Reduces manual administration and data entry by up to 75% in some instances – the equivalent of three full-time admin staff. 


Empowers volunteers to control and manage their data and connect with volunteer organisations that match their skills and interests. 

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